Friday, 27 June 2008

Don't call him Peanut.

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If you know me it's probable you know that Alexander Nut is my favourite DJ. Bar none. I've been wanting to write something about him for a while but it's a tough one, he's a bit of a character. I first became aware of him through the We Love Radio mix CDs he put out a while back...I don't often listen to mix CDs or even download mixes, but these still get heavy rotation & everyone who heard it wanted a copy. Off the back of that I started booking him whenever I got the chance, which wasn't as often as I'd like but I'm working on it. He's a great radio DJ but I've never heard anyone rock a club like him...a typical set might include Sankofa by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (one of my favourite tunes of all time), he was the first DJ I heard play Tron by Waajeed & Night by Benga, he gave us all a transcendental experience with a D&B Anita Baker Sweet Love remix and somehow he's so good he shuts it down with Pony by's rare I hear a song that's so amazing I feel I have no way expressing it & that's magical - Alex is the only DJ who gives me that feeling with his sets.
If you know him you know he's not always the easiest of people, he doesn't suffer fools and he doesn't have time for any kind of pretense or bullshit. People know who he is but he's so far from being a scene kid, and he has an honesty about him that's probably a bit too real for a lot of people. I get the feeling he says everything he needs to say through music - and there is no one more eloquent than Alex behind the decks. Tomorrow his weekly show Mixed Nutz on Rinse FM every Saturday 1-3pm is featuring the legendary Morgan Zarate (Spacek) and it's going to be ridiculous - turn everything else off, he's going to play the exclusive new Spacek, Eska & Ghostface track. Aaaaaahhh!
First time I heard Alex on radio was a pilot for the show he does now...I'd given up on radio but I wasn't doing anything so I tuned in. 5 minutes later I had pad & pen out noting down every track he played (I think it was the first time I heard Real Thing by Erykah Badu & Madlib and Tron by Waajeed). 10 minutes after that I was texting everybody in my phone they had to drop whatever they were doing & find a radio. It's been like that ever since - don't try and make plans with me on Saturday afternoon 1-3 I'm busy. A couple of weeks back I took my laptop to the toilet I was so worried I'd miss a bit. There, I admitted it.
Background wise I'm not going to say too much - son of Soulfinger, hails from Wolverhampton (don't be a dickhead, he'll rip your face off, he's trained), cut his teeth at Skyline FM, runs the club promotions department at Zzonked, is no longer called DJ Peanut but Alexander Nut, has played venues such as Koko, Fabric & 93 Feet East, is halfway between Serato & vinyl (only uses the former very begrudgingly), recently warmed up for Prince, drinks Appletons and coke, and is making serious underground moves so just watch.

Go to his myspace and download anything you can download - We Love Radio Vols 1&2 (cannot wait for vol 3 due soon), and all the podcasts. *Please note the 20 shout outs a show are to some other girl called Amelia who texts in "tuuunnneee, but please play something shit I have to go out/ eat/ pee" every 10 minutes.


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