Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Currently Listening to...

I've just moved back to my parents house (eek!) which entails...reorganising books...chucking out what-nots...and i had the pleasure of today of going through my cd collection...came out with some real treasures....one of my favourite albums popped out at me which then resulted in playing the cd on replay most of this glorious sunny day...

The album in question....

The album in question brings up so many sunny memories in secondary school (high school)...then reminds me of one of my favourite Incubus videos...

One of my all time favourite songs of Incubus...i just love the lyrics...So i'll leave this post on this note....

Note: NO RELATION to Pink Floyd's version...TOTALLY different meanings and different times...just happened to have the same title!


  1. Dude!
    I was sooo going to marry Brandon Boyd! By was, I mean to say that I still think he will propose as soon as we meet. That album changed my life, and totally ruined my relationship with my mum, I would expand but I think I'll write something about rebellion songs in my own post. Muhahaha!

    Beth theFoundation Mburu
    Ps. I think the censored video is much better than the one MTV banned, the song sounds more real in sunlight not deep water...

  2. Glad it had as much meaning to you as it did to me!

    Brandon Boyd...was just my hubby-to-be when i was younger too!

  3. do u understand that i love INCUBUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, that album is the beezneez and um, sorry but Brandon is mine oh mine! lol!



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