Friday, 16 May 2008

Summer lovin...

had me a blast... well at least last weekend when it seemed like summer was finally here, riding my bike, playing basketball, frisbee, magners on dray walk, hell i even got sunburned! though that's not hard for me...

anyways had the summer tune ting on my mind for time, i think there's always been a different anthem for the summer that defines my memory of that period but there's one that I always come back to no matter what the year... i was gonna go all trainspotter on you and say the O.G. that it sampled was the track but that would be a lie, but i'll provide it to for comparison... and a runner up too, as there are too many good tracks in this world...

Rock Creek Park by the Blackbyrds is an all time b-boy classic that I got exposed to in the early days when I started exploring the other parts of the culture and brings back fond memories of summer days in Hyde Park, Sydney, taped down chequered vinyl mats, boomboxes and bboy circles... also i got told off at a work function i was djing at luna park by the most elderly lady in our company who complained i was playing 'music about sex!' =)

the O.G. of my number one summer track, can't front on this, the aptly named Summer Madness by Kool & The Gang

and here it is, taking me back to cruising Cottesloe beach coast with my boys in my dad's suzuki vitara with the hard top back and roof off, the hot western australian sun beating down, and the indian ocean glimmering to one side, checking out girls in bikinis, playing basketball, skateboaring, getting high, this has been my summertime song for the past 17 years, and the only good song off the album, by one of the best hip hop djs and producers, 1991 grammy award winning, US r&b chart number 1 for a week hitting, number 1 rap single, number 4 billboard hot 100, and UK singles number 8, it is of course...

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime

and for comparison purposes, the 2007 remix, like how jeff actually re-edits the video and scratches only the video panel with the sample... serato is great isnt it? but not much difference, can't improve on perfection!

oh and i most definitely hate soulja boy... how is that even music?

welcome back Amelia!

********** LOOKOUT! 1st Anniversary Photography Exhibition *********************

anyone with dope photos of the night please submit them so we can print and frame them for the LOOKOUT! 1st Anniversary Photography Exhibition happening July 10th, thanks!

Yarah Bravo wednesday, don't front.

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  1. mmmm wasnt sure u got my comment as this place is abit confusing annnnnnnnnyway.....thank u for the offer yes i would love to submit some off my photos .
    let me know when and where.
    miss T x



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