Thursday, 8 May 2008

Blu & Ta'raach - C.R.A.C. Tour

I met Blu in downtown L.A. last Summer at Bobbito and DJ Spinna's Wonderful party at Crash Mansion, through my girl Jaevi of Quality Collective. Met lots of cats, Amhad Jamal, C Ray Walz, B+ and others. Blu was cool and I almost had him come play once already but unfortunately that tour fell through. Fresh from a dope album produced by Exile, "Below the Heavens", which has been on heavy rotation in my sets and on my ipod, I've managed to confirm him along with Ta'raach who you should know from Dilla's - Jay Love Japan and Platinum Pied Pipers - Triple P, as they promote their new album The Peice Talks.

preview and buy here

May 8th - London, UK - LOOKOUT!

May 10th - Budapest, Hungary -

May 13th - Vienna, Austria - Claus (Loud Minority)

May 14th - Linz, Germany -

May 15th - Mainzlits, Germany - Frank (Audio Treats)

May 16th - Munich, Germany @ Erste Liga (Reebok Nite)

May 17th - Zurich, Swizz - J. Sayne


  1. yoyoyoyo..put me on yo.... im going on tour with roxanne shante and bahamadia and yarah bravo!!!!! yeah yeah

  2. Anthony Williams25 June 2008 at 00:46

    CRAC representin! I took that photo of them sittin with the equip and Blu holdin my 380!
    Thanks PutMeOnIt for reppin' Knux.




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