Saturday, 3 May 2008

Let's do it again...

timeline cover snapshot

Alright people - over to you again. It's almost summer (i.e. it didn't rain today). Let's create a soundtrack for it on here and keep it rolling along all through the summer. This isn't about any old tune you like at the moment - this is about sharing the music that evokes ice cream, warm skin, getting grass rash in the park and battling wasps.
I'm kicking off with The Gunshot by Nicolay and Kay from Time:Line released back in February - if you don't have the album, I'd like to recommend it. Download it hurrr

*PS you don't have to put up a download link to share music...


  1. Heard the album a few months ago, it's good but definitely prefer previous production from the one like Nicolay... Kay is dope though! Another great dutch team is Pete Philly & Perquisite! Soon come with the linkage!!

  2. Yeah, it was never going to touch Foreign Exchange - really only listening to that one and Tight Eyes at the moment. Isn't Kay from Texas?
    Grateful's my favourite Pete Philly & Perquisite tune - likkle linkage for it below if anyone's checkin comments...
    Thanks for reminding me Cav!



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