Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Formula

Buckshot & 9th Wonder dropping a new LP anytime now, The Formula, got a friend whos been fiending for it, hopefully she will be happy now...

three videos released so far and as this is all i've heard, so far i'm feeling it... more on this when i actually cop it...

9th Wonder & Buckshot Go All Out Feat. Charlie Murphy

9th Wonder & Buckshot 3D Animation "FORMULA Video"

9th Wonder & Buckshot "HOLD IT DOWN" Video ft. Talib Kweli


  1. I've got and heard the album... It's decent, no way can it touch 'Chemistry' but it's a good listen still!

  2. Yeah I think it's out or out really soon, bumped in to Maxwell the other day leaving HMV with an armload of albums he BOUGHT (rispeck) and I think he said he was about to get that one next...



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