Sunday, 11 May 2008

Finally, My Summer Song Is Here!!!

I know it's taken a while but as Amelia the blogmaster said, it's not about putting up any random song, we need to post songs that capture the essence of the summer in it's entirety and believe I'm giving you exactly what has been asked of me. Here we have La Melodia, a dutch duo consisting of producer I.N.T. and female MC Melodee(part of my list *wink wink*). They're not particularly new but extremely overlooked as the best often are. Enough with the words, more of the link!


In other news... The ignorance is spreading... Thanks to Soulja Fool :(

1 comment:

  1. Feeling your song Mr - serious as ever.
    At first I thought that Soulja Guurl was in DC, looks just like it, but I'm thinking ATL...if I lived there the music would send me that crazy too. (Oh and the crack & dippers).



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