Wednesday, 28 May 2008


i wish this guy would stop singing... nigerian dude at word, can't sing, has been humming, in an out of tune monotone every day for the past 2 weeks, the chorus for ice cube - bop gun as he says, which is actually one nation under a groove... i've sent him so many catchy tunes to get it out of his head and even sent him the lyrics so at least he knows what to actually sing, all to no avail, make him stop please!

real nice mix from Kon of Kon and Amir fame, on his blog Playin 4 Keeps

and i know, even if our admin don't, some of you appreciate the riddims, so i was happy to come across jah school
lots of nice treats on there, found me the street sweeper riddim which i had been after for time...

record covers come alive!

oh have you seen james brown, michael jackson and prince on stage together before?

been listening to a heaps of tunes courtesy of cav - kanser and artofficial and 1773, i'll leave it to him to share the tunes but i'll give you a taster of my favourites...

and been feeling this very much Kanser - Coming Out Again (The Sunshine Song)

anyways that's all i got right now, got my new laptop and gonna get playing with serato video so expect to see a video mix from me sometime...

oh yeah, i did forget one thing, blueprint is coming soon with this cat paul dateh, i almost booked 'em for lookout! but was too slow so spin doctor got em now, wanna check this cat out, he's ridiculous!


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