Saturday, 5 April 2008

Yesterday, Today, and Forever...Motown 25...25 years later

So the other day I posted a little clip (that doesn't work) from Motown 25 of the Lester Wilson dancers performing to I Want You by Marvin Gaye...Peanut mentioned how heavy the video was and I got to thinking... I went to a screening of R.Kelly's midget in the closet a few months ago & had an amazing laugh, so I thought, how about we have a screening of Motown 25? The only thing is my sister Katy is going travelling and I can't screen such a massive part of our childhood without her there. So we've decided to have a little pre-party at Lookout! on Wednesday 9th April 8-10pm. It's a leaving party for both of us since I have recently stopped working with the Lookout! crew and Katy is going away. I sincerely hope you can come - the crowd is notoriously late but if you were going to be on time for one day this year, this is the one.

This is Michael Jackson doing the Moonwalk for the FIRST TIME after an extremely tightly choreographed & emotional reunion with the Jackson 5. I have been known to bite my hand to hold back screams. Katy and I used to watch this video daily, it's amazing, as I've mentioned previously it features Marvin Gaye's last televised performance (singing What's Going On) before his untimely death, an amazing Stevie medley, the Tops vs the Temps, Diana Ross, loads of classic Smokey Robinson, the songwriters - Fuqua, Holland & Dozier etc, wicked 80s cack like DeBarge & Hi Inergy, Lionel Ritchie and it's hosted by Richard Prior. What more could a human being ask for? Motown 25 is now 25 years old (it was actually filmed the day I was born - 25/03/83) and is a big part of me. Please come share it with us.

Finally, if that isn't enough for you (freak) Muhsinah will be performing afterwards...

See you there - Favela Chic, Old St tube Wednesday 9th April 8-10pm for the Motown 25 screening and 10pm onwards for Muhsinah...

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  1. matey.

    that Muhsinah joint is killin' it, it was imperative it go up on my MySpace...

    (and the following may back-fire and make me sound like a cyber-slime-bag, but professionalism aside):

    yo Muhsinah, if you reading this, you're doin' it big, holla at my MySpace girl, if you need a tour guide around London town, i'm that cat right thurrr; let's walk the alleys and find some calcium together. one love.



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