Tuesday, 1 April 2008

What's Soul music?

Annoyingly enough the Motown video below was working last week but now it's just sat there teasing. I'll find it again but in the meantime - what is soul music? I'd say Bjork is part of soul music. Vespertine is one of my top 5 albums of all time - listen to it outside in the dark in summer or at Christmas with just fairy lights (yes I'm a hippy). First time I heard that album I said 'if there is a heaven they're playing this'. Part of my Bjork-love is that she's such a complete artist. This video is part of the reason I say that - Chris Cunningham is such an amazing director with an incredible range (sic: Window Licker & Come to Viddy by Aphex Twin) and this video alongside the song both breaks my heart and expresses things for me I could never articulate...

By the way I will keep on posting things on here to amuse myself indefinitely...


  1. Ok, so never blogged this kinds proper blog before so hopefully this works.
    This is my favourite song at the minute. This is a group called 'Little Dragon' and here is a live recording of their track 'Constant Surprises' currently getting rinsed on the bear's walkman.
    heavy like your girl's flapjacks.

  2. You see? I forgot the link. Doofus,


    there you go

  3. Polar! Thanks lovely but you should post it on the page so everyone will see it innit!
    Walkman - glad to hear it.

  4. Yup - Little Dragon's HAWT - but then I wouldn't expect anything else from Yukimi Nagano. "Scribble Paper" is the track for me...

  5. hmmm, hmm! its all about 'Twice' for me. From the first chord my heart gets to fluttering


    if this ain't soul music i'm a potato wedge...

    back to the question at hand, i'm hard-pressed to answer, ain't all good music got soul?

  6. Too true miss T. Hey - can someone please put something on the main page? Please?!!! That's the point of this hurrr thang



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