Sunday, 27 April 2008

Unreleased Fly Lo biz...

Los Angeles isn't being released until JUNE 9TH but I seem to have it now. This is not a good thing. I can't imagine putting all that love, time and effort in to making an album then having it leaked almost 2 months before release because some journalist decided to abuse his privileges.
We do sometimes put up free downloads on this site but always in the spirit of - you may not have heard this artist or this album, here's a taster, go support. I'm not putting anything off Los Angeles up for download on here - too early, too harsh. I am putting up my favourite two for you to listen to though. (It was meant to be one but Melt! is really short) I will be buying Los Angeles on June 9th, same as I will be buying Rising Down by The Roots in 2 days even though I have both. I sincerely hope you lot will be too. As Fly Lo says on his myspace page - he has student loans to pay off like the rest of us - support the artist!

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Also, if you missed him at Cargo the other day here's another clip to remind you never to do that again. Fools.

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  1. To coin an ol'school colloquialism - absolutely SCREWING that I missed Cargo. Would have loved to have been there...



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