Thursday, 10 April 2008

teach the kids

I found this website the other week - I'm not sure how but seeing as I've downloaded EVERY single podcast and I'm currently waiting like a musical dope fiend for the next installment - I know it was meant to be.

Being a designer I can't help but judge a book by it's cover even if the content is rubbish so I was pleased to find out that the co-owner of rappersiknow is also a designer - a nice piece of inspiration for me while I continue to sell my soul to the 9-5 devil ever draining my creativity, this website saved me.

It's always quite amusing to me to see the facial expressions of teenagers when they realise that they're favourite rapper's whole album is basically a suitcase of jacked names mentioned! One of the podcasts on rappersiknow is a collection of songs that have been sampled, I was ashamed about how little I know but It's my aim to teach the kids something, lol.

These Are The Breaks - Compiled by DJ Cipher

A few more favourites from rappersiknow:

Jay Electronica on Gilles Peterson

Birthday Podcast
(listen out for Yoko Kanno's Macross Pluss instrumental...a beautiful video game score)

and last but not least

Mos Def - J Dilla Tribute @ University of Michigan

Enjoy xx

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  1. Oof, Mrs you are spoiling us! Care to make some suggestions in your designer capacity about the blog?



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