Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A little hip hop...

OK, the other day my mate Tanya asked me for some hip hop - I haven't had time yet but here's a playlist of my current top 5...My absolute favourite tune at the moment though has been around for 5 years apparently. My mate Ahmed put me on to it and I danced around his office like a fool. It solidifies the fact that Kev Brown ( is a genius:
'3 Sides' - Wes Felton, Sy Smith and 'Cronkite' (Raheem DeVaughn under another name - because no one would work that one out). Kev Browns new album with LMNO has just come out - buy it, let's see if we can make him smile. It's a long shot but we can try.

music player
I made this music player at

Oh and if you're a DJ will you please stop sleeping on Caltroit?

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  1. The Outkast tune doesn't appear to be working which is a tease - download it here...



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