Thursday, 3 April 2008

Last night...and I don't think we've talked about New Amerykah...

If you weren't at Deviation last night, well, maybe don't read this. For me this was a night with the most exciting line up I'd heard about all year - Heralds of Change, Muhsinah, Fatima, Olivier DaySoul, and DJs Benji B, Jude and I think Bugz were there too. Only Benji B can command a crew like that. From what I can make out people got bit confused by HOC's syncopated rhythms but I was having a great time - I got the feeling people were scared if they danced too hard the music might just cut out underneath them or go in the opposite direction...anyway I can't say good enough things about Hudson Mohawke & Mike Slott both as HOC & independently. The live performances really took the night somewhere else and I have to say - Olivier killed it. Everyone was going 'who is that???!!!' He didn't do 'bopgun' but hey, I just shocked out to it at home. Again. Muhsinah came back on and that girl has the most beautiful energy and I love her material - she'll sing over beats people would be scared to 2 step to. I would have gone home thoroughly sated by all of that - but (if you weren't there stop reading now) SA-RA SHOWED UP!!! Well one of 'em anyway and he was pure filth. I lost my mind to Hollywood & Glorious and pined for my beloved music heads who weren't there. Next time :-( OK, I'll shut up about it now.

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Khy's comments below made me realise we haven't discussed the new Erykah album because we're too quick to move on to the unreleased Roots album. I think it's important! My first reaction was 'she needs a rocket up her arse and apparently she's in love with a bumblebee.' - I was sooo disappointed by WWU I was desperate for something serious. On the 5th listen however I found myself loving it - I often find myself struggling between production and vocals - I usually just want to listen to either/or - without the other so the sparse nature of it is an interesting choice and I think it works. Woman has a message & I feel it doesn't get lost here. I have a feeling it will grow on us all and I sincerely hope people don't think the minimal nature of The Healer means it's not a serious dancefloor tune - the looks on people's faces when it drops are nothing short of epiphany. 'Hip hop - is bigger than religion, it's bigger than the government - this one is for Dilla' Tell me what you think people...


  1. last night was hella dope and i only stepped as a last minute thing, no one eve told me what was going down, whut? do i live in a (shoe)box? ok so i saw the web flyer, but where was the word of mouth in the street? i guess sitting at home all day talking to no one has it's disadvantages. well happy that i made it, benji killed it, fatima killed it, muhsinah killed (check her wed 9th @ LOOKOUT!), Olivier killed it killed it! Love Potion No.9 has been one of my favourite songs since you first played it to me months ago . I'm 50/50 on HOC, love some, don't feel the offbeat...

  2. did i mention SA-RA? Glorious!

  3. thanks for the nice words.


  4. Ooh, err, you're welcome! Wasn't expecting you guys would read it & I'm honoured...



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