Saturday, 5 April 2008

Kev Brown doing what he does...

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OK, I've been listening to the new offering from Kev Brown, Selective Hearing, featuring some brer called LMNO. I have no more info for you on LMNO because I'm sorry but I'm just not inspired to find out. I love Kev Brown's work, and not in an I actually have this album on my shelf to impress boys way. I won't lie I was put on to him by a music head boyfriend a long time ago but I have followed his music ever since. He's a bit like marmite - mention his name and either the person you're talking to's face lights up and they are incapable of expressing their love or they're totally blank. Actually that's a crap analogy but you know what I mean. Obviously he's extremely slept on and should be rich and famous etc but in all honesty after meeting the guy I can't imagine him doing a Kanye any time soon. Jazzy Jeffs The Magnificent (let's not talk about the follow up) is one of my favourite albums and all of the Kev Brown produced tracks are my favourites on he's working with this LMNO guy who sounds a bit like he's from Anticon and to be honest I feel adds little (& maybe even taketh away) from what is otherwise a yummy new Kev Brown album...fair enough Kev hasn't moved far from his signature sound but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable (in a hip hop blues, slightly sad Sunday music way). GOOD NEWS is there is a l'il rumour going around that the ENTIRE Low Budget crew are about to make an album this summer...just an unconfirmed rumour...

If you are are drawing a blank about Mr Brown right now I'm going to share a couple of his tracks with you in the hope you'll buy his albums (he's on a label called Low Budget - take note). I love the intro to I do what I do though where he humbly thanks people for listening to, buying or downloading his album (with an aside about how he hopes you didn't download it because he needs the $...)

The Brown Album is what really got him noticed and although it was overshadowed by the huge marketing campaign behind Danger Mouse's Grey Album Kev was the first to fuck with Jay Z's classic the Black Album. Check out Kevs take on 99 Problems...
For me this one is a real classic Kev Brown sound - I love Erro's voice and this is beautiful. It comes from the Kev Brown Exclusive Joints CD -Pen Just Cries Away .
This is an instrumental version of my favourite tune on I do what I do, annoyingly you have to listen to the 15 minute long final track Life's A Gamble to hear this on the album but it's worth it (and the rest of the track isn't bad but this one sends me...) Always
All I can say is I hope Kev doesn't see this because he'll kick my arse for giving away his music but I am truly doing this because I think you're the kind of people who'll support real hip hop & buy his stuff. I still buy music (not all the time) but I do if I love an artist. This is my final Kev tune - it comes from his new joint Selective Hearing and is featuring two of my favourite artists Georgia Ann Muldrow and Dudley Perkins, Make a way...

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  1. Kev Brown is such a gully producer, his snares always crack so beautifully. (i notified him of this to his face at Lookout last November, nice chap, humble).

    but he's a multi-dimensional beatsmith as demonstrated on that Crossrhodes- 3 Sides joint which one of my faves of 2008 so far.

    the beats on the new LMNO are hot, i'm yet to rotate it a few more times so as to absorb fully.

    all i wanna know is when's the next Kev Brown sophmore opus of morose expression coming out? 4 years since the classic I Do What I Do, stop taking the piss.

    cheer up Kev, i still love you mate.



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