Monday, 7 April 2008

It's Gettin' Hot Up In Here, So Throw The Water On 'Em..

Busta just took it the fuck back with the beat on this new shit...

Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me

...and I love it. Listen to those drums. If it doesn't penetrate your collar-bone on aural-impact, give it about 4 spins gradually over the course of an hour and that should do the trick.

Possibly from his next forthcoming (family-friendly) offering Back On My Bullshit.

Khy Boogie, click up top immediately, you'll cream your B-Boy shorts.

Play >>> Wednesday >>> Lookout >>> Happy People. I can't direct any more explicitly than that.


  1. I'm playing this to my sister right now & she said thank god her dream didn't come true...something to do with Busta Rhymes being really fat, living on a council estate and no one knowing who he is...yeah.
    This tune is massive - thank you oh musical genii.

  2. did she have this dream next to you, in the same joint-occupied bed, when she was staying over last week?

    ^^^(to nestle between is the fairy-dust subtance of all my fathomable fantasies).


  3. clicked and clacked. got it, thanks...

  4. Ooooh this thing is working! Just called a friend & she was dancing round her room to the new Busta - got it from here. Mhhm, yes thank you.



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