Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Ingredients of a Classic Hip-Hip Record:

-Swagger-drenched staccato flow.

-Endearingly unpretentious lyricism.

-Dreamy, hypnotic, piano melody.

-Organic boom bap drums.

-Universal subject matters: love, distance, pining.

-A sense of subtle emotion as the driving force behind the record.

They're all here. My favourite song of last year 2007. They finally created the ideal visual for it...

Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo

Like i've been saying since last August (you people never listen...) when I first heard a rough snippet of this joint via gracious bretheren down at Atlantic Records; it's like some Souls of Mischief flowin' x Pharcyde vibin' shit; a mesmeric concoction you may agree.

For Amelia. I know she's missin' her internationaly amputated loves: dat breh + dat gyal Katie. Maintain sisteren, nuffin' long.

And as for the sibling- I wish you a safe journey Madmioselle. Can't remember where you've gone... Columbia? Keep your nose clean. We all await your crash landing back here (I'll be sure to sport a titanium alloy jock strap for the occasion).

With love, Shan Phearon, Musical Spartan of Love.

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  1. Someone just sent me a link to this video last night - I love it! I was oh so priveleged to catch him perform at Koko a couple of weeks back and he did this song, I think I was in love for about 3 minutes, lol.



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