Monday, 14 April 2008

I'll Sweep Your Legs & Wipe The Floor...

My favourite music video of all time, ever:

Queens of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow

What exactly do you need me to justify?

My Definitive, Personal Top 5:

1) Queens of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow

A psychedelic, symbolic, relentless, kinetic masterpiece.

2) Jay-Z - 99 Problems [Directors Cut]

The most important rap video ever to document the underbelly of contemporary Black America- 'period'.

3) Korn - Freak On A Leash

The anime to real-life transition. The room with holes and light. Oh, and that-motherfucking-bullet.

4) Common - Come Close

Such a simple, translucent concept. Genuinely touching. Redefines on-screen romance in music videos.

5) The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

The funniest music video ever made. A collage of audio-visual genius.

Honourable mention: Blur - Coffee & TV

Awww, poor likkle milk carton.

& also, N*E*R*D* - Lapdance

Sluts, BMXs & moustaches = all I ever wanted when I was 14. All I'll probably want till i'm 40.

I have dreams of becoming a fully fledged film-maker one day aswell. Some of what you've witnessed above exemplifies what my mind perceives as brilliance. Enjoy.


  1. ahhh... was gonna put come close as well, really like that... the blur one is kinda cool...

  2. Always loved the Korn video...GOD DAMN IT i forgot that one too!
    Why the hel didn't i wait til you guys paraded your tastes first just to remind myself!

  3. Maximus. You were only supposed to post 1 & list the runners up. But whatever you're clearly the don.

  4. Yup yup to Lapdance by NERD. How is it that Pharrell looks about 5 years younger now than he did in that video?!

  5. yo did you just add lapdance on to all your other 5, top 1 videos =) i second the 14 year old wants still stay true, getting closer to 40 and nothins changed!

  6. Mostly in whole hearted agreement Shanus, but come close?jesus. That girl can act, amazing she didn't puke all over his smug wooly hat wearing self. then to add insult to embarrassing corny behavior of the highest degree he proposes with a PAPER ring. Romantic? I think not. She should have blasted him with a verse of 'No Scrubs' and shut the window in his stupid face.

  7. You upset he wasn't proposing to you or at his horrible paper wasting? Environmental jihad that video...



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