Friday, 25 April 2008

Fuck Hip-Hop....

Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony

'91 shit. Ahead of it's time. One of the most pioneering songs in British music during the 90s; a thing of multi-layered beauty. And essential to the testament of Hip-Hop (watch the video for fucking visual evidence... MANZ GOT UZI'S BLUD!*). Don't front of Massive Attack or their debut '92 classic 'Blue Lines'. You may get shat on.

And a legendary music video. That tracking shot of Shara Nelson is wonderously sustained. Observe how The Verve emulated this set-up for their '97 video to Bittersweet Symphony below.

P.S. Just kidding about 'Fuck Hip-Hop'. I probably love this shit more than you do. And I might knife you over it one day.

*Fuck a stereotype.

1 comment:

  1. both dope vids and tunes, unfinished sympathy was one of my favourites for many years and almost made my top video selections... you know the gangsters at the beginning tried to rob them for their camera equipment and only relented when they put them in the vid!



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