Thursday, 17 April 2008

Ever Feel Like...'re sitting stationary on your arse-hole waiting for the most superior Hip-Hop LP of the year to drop?

The Roots feat. Mos Def & Styles P - Hum Drum

^^^Could they have come any harder than that? It-really-does-not-let-down.

I'm too lethargic from work and busy having my skull punctured & occupied by that synth-heavy bassline to explain- so I catted this examination of the record from a break-down of a Roots listening session:

''Guest rappers Mos Def and Styles P join Trotter in unleashing a slew of dystopian imagery over heavy, atmospheric synths. "It's not an intro, but more an introduction to the topical theme of the album," Trotter says. "Mos kicks it off from one perspective. My verse is about global warming and how the world is all haywire. And Styles P is rapping about prescription-drug campaigns, the stuff they advertise on TV, all the crazy side effects. We're all dealing with different aspects of the state of the world.'' [Source:]

No bullshit above. 3 of the hardest rap verse over one of the fiercest backdrops I've heard since '08 commenced. Mos actually rhymes on it (he hasn't been quite his self for a while)! Black just re-enforces why he's one of all the time greatest under-rated. Yet it's Styles P who takes the digestive biscuit, with these bars: "Should I say hello?/ Or should I say that Hell-is-low?/ Am I a n*gger or a n*ggaro?/ I'm an African-American/ They sell drugs in the hood/ But The Man he move the medicine..." Superb.

And in case you're unpunctually not up on it:

The Roots feat. Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk & DJ Jazzy Jeff - Get Busy


The Roots - 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)


Oh & rumour suggests Common, Saigon, Lupe & Q-Tip are all guestin' on the opus aswell. ...

Coincidentally, Rising Down is one of the forthcoming releases I'm working on press for at Universal/Mercury/Def Jam right now; I'll notify you with piss-stained excitement when the first promo hits our pigeon hole and if my hypothesis is/was correct.

April 29th: grabs your dicks, tits & dust off your debit cards.

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