Thursday, 3 April 2008

Electric Relaxation - 08 update as "Inbox"...

I continue to be fascinated by innovative reworkings of hip-hop classics. One of the most notable that comes to mind is Pharoahe Monche's 'Welcome To The Terrordome', which brilliantly captures the spirit of the original while taking it in a fresh, new direction. Genius.

This morning, my podcast inbox delivered another contender in the form of Random Beats' reworking of ATCQ's 'Electric Relaxation', featuring 88 Keys, via AvantUrb. It's hard to touch a classic, but this one definitely put a smile on my face...

Download here:


  1. Jacob, I'm honoured...
    It's working :-)

  2. also honored :) album out now! and shout out to Tip, who heard it and didn't get pissed.



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