Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Does anyone else feel a weird ownership of Marvin?

Growing up my Mum would often tell me about how she used to go to parties at Marvin Gayes' house - yes I hate her too. I'm guessing it's unusual for a child to hope that one day you would find out your Mum cheated on your Dad but I for a while I hoped that maybe...urgh that's dark, my Dad was amazing. Growing up he was always my favourite Motown artist and still is, in fact he's my favourite artist of all time. I used to think that being born in '83 had something to do with Sexual Healing being released in '82. Grim. Anyway, my sister and I used to watch Motown 25* daily, and the video below which is taken from it made me want to become a dancer...something about this speaks to my heart - like the way I felt the first time I saw the Sugar Shack by Ernie Barnes. I have a big spot reserved on my wall for the signed print I keep meaning to buy.

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The Lester Wilson Dancers performing to my favourite song of all time...

Lastly, I wanted to put this up because I am normally horrified by Marvin remixes but Waajeed & The Jazz Katz did a pretty good job on this one I think...I want u 2

*Motown 25 trivia - Marvin Gaye performed 1 song that night - What's Going On (Motown refused to release that album) & it was his last televised performance. Michael Jacksons' performance of Billie Jean - the moonwalk, fedora, sparkly socks & cuban heels was the template he used to perform it ever after & was the first time most people saw the moonwalk (unless you count James Brown doing it forwards way back when)...Lastly - James Jamerson had to buy a ticket from a hawker & sit at the back...he died less than a year later from alcoholism. If you don't own it you should - it's a piece of music history (we still have a VHS copy from the 80s)


  1. Some times i get pikey urges to relocated that Motwon 25 video... it tha liks!
    But i wouldn't, i'll just stay jealous forever.

  2. Thinking bout having a little screening party...Motown 25, projector, chicken, hmmm...

  3. i forgot you said your mum partied at marvins house, that's dope... go the screening, you know we still have that screen if you want it... now you got me thihking bout marvin ima do a marvin related post, sorta...



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